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Demian's gamebook web page

In the late 90s Demian Katz a computer programmer/librarian living in Pennsylvania started to log gamebooks on this website. He now has an impressive database of gamebooks where anyone can contribute to add their discoveries!

Play Craft

Play Craft is writing articles about narrative design concepts in things that aren’t quite games.

Howlround Theatre Commons

An open online platform for theatremakers worldwide. The website has many essays, videos and podcasts on theatre in its many forms.

Pervasive Gaming

A website focusing on pervasive games.

Planet IF (Interactive Fiction)

Planet IF is a place where blog posts about Interactive Fiction from various people are collected.

Emily Short is an interactive fiction writer

Emily Short is an interactive fiction writer. She has been posting articles about Interactive Fiction and reviews regularly on her blog since 2002!

Renga in Blue

Jason Dyer lives in Arizona. In his blog he keeps up the All the Adventures project where he endeavours to play and write about every adventure game ever made.

Zoe Sadorkieski

Zoë Sadokierski is an award-winning book designer, writer and senior lecturer at the UTS School of Design, where she runs a studio investigating the evolution of books in the digital age and narrative approaches to ecological communication. Her website is a fascinating source of knowledge and research on unique and fascinating books such as hybrid novels.


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