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VIRTUAL, a new Franco-Brazilian audio series to make virtual reality vibrate. In each episode, two XR professionals – a French and a Brazilian – question one specific aspect of their experience in depth. How can the virtual help us to push back the limits of our bodies? How can it transform love into a new experience never lived before? To what extent sound is an essential aspect for the creation of immersive works?

all things XR

All Things XR is a podcast produced by software engineer and Augmented Reality specialist Mojtaba Tabatabaie.

Reality Quest Podcast

Kelly Campelia & Jay Silvas embark on a journey to explore the wild west that is Immersive Technology (otherwise known as the XR industry). Through virtual, augmented, mixed reality and more, these technologies are transforming the human experience. Where did it all begin? How far have we come, and how will we tackle the many challenges ahead?

Qualcomm Podcast

Our technologies powered the smartphone revolution and connected billions of people in brand new ways. Qualcomm pioneered 3G and 4G and led the way to 5G, sparking a new era of intelligent, connected devices. On this podcast, they talk with the people behind their technologies and explore the programs that make Qualcomm unique.

The XR Podcast

The XR Podcast is the place to explore realities. Learn how to create reality and simulations with modern software. Understand the nature of reality with thought provoking interviews. Only three episodes are available.


PionARs is a weekly podcast about the hype surrounding Immersive Technology. Three topics are explored in each episode. (1) What we use this Technology for (2) What are the benefits (3) How far is this much-hyped future

The Super Story Podcast

A Podcast About Story Expansion and IP Entrepreneurship with Houston Howard, Travis Carter and Brad Lusher. If you want your story, your brand, your project or your business to survive in an age of fragmentation, distraction, over-stimulation and commoditization and become bigger than you've ever imagined, you're going to need a new strategy. You're going to need a Super Story.

The Fabulous Invalid

Broadway’s Podcast,“The Fabulous Invalid”, presents essential conversations with a curated roster of the best, most important, and innovative theatre-makers working today.


NarraScope is a new games conference that supports interactive narrative, adventure games, and interactive fiction by bringing together writers, developers, and players. Click on the link below to listen to their podcast.

We Are Netflix (Season 3 Episode 1)

In this episode, the We Are Netflix Podcast discusses the behind the scenes world of interactive storytelling at Netflix, exploring Bandersnatch, the software used, and how Netflix might approach Interactive Storytelling in the future.

Script Lock (Episode 15)

An episode with Rob Morgan & Emily Short about writing scripts for games, VR and interactive fiction.

Toren's Guide (to Everything) (Episode 3)

In this episode of Toren's Guide (to Everything), voice actor and singer Toren Atkinson explores the history of Gamebooks.

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Le Podcast No Code

Podcast réalisé par l'équipe de Contournement autour des technologies "no-code" et des projets réalisés dans cet eco-système.



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