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From Famous video games to pre-war Literature, interactivie storytelling has been used in many fascinating ways to convey great stories. At Interstory we want to create the biggest resource for interactive storytelling lovers.



explore the many forms of interactive literature as well as unique traditional works that have reshaped the definition of  literature as we know it.


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We''ve gathered resources such as blogs and podcasts, events and conferences and much more for interactive storytelling lovers to explore!


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A Collection of essential words to understand the different fields of interactive storytelling.

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Interactive storytelling describes the experience of interacting with a story world to create an outcome unique to the user. On this website you will find a database of interactive works such as films, video games and plays as well as articles about Interactive Storytelling and More!

Interactive storytelling is constantly evolving and growing. So is Interstory. If you would like to write articles or add some works in our library contact us! 

Welcome to Interstory! This Website is an ongoing platform for interactive storytelling lovers. 

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Rebecca Gallon

Founder of InterStory

Rebecca Gallon is a filmmaker and researcher in Interactive Media based in Normandy (France).

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